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Our focus is you

 Holden Golf Clubs was officially formed in 2017 but has been in the making since 2005, having a passion for the game sparked the desire to bring alternative material and designs to the game.  

 Custom Manufacturer......Our focus is you.........helping you to enjoy and enhance your game is our goal!!! 



 By completing the research and design, we have a unique design to enhance golfers on the green. ​ Integrating old school with new Densified Wood Technology (DWT).  


Dare to be different

 Holden Golf Clubs where we integrate old school with new technology. So.......DARE to be different and Never let Good Enough be Enough ..............use a Holden Putter 

Holden Putters Design

Holden Putter Design

Precision Machined

Each golf putter head is individually machined and uniquely handcrafted.


Each putter head is standard 3 degrees loft, 72 degree shaft angle, shaft length is standard to 34 inches. Each putter head has unique back edge copper weighting for balanced feel to help push the putter through the swing, large sight line to help align your shots.

The wood face provides a solid contact surface without the need for nylon or metal inserts used in other putters. Personalized shaft, grip and engraving on request.

Custom Made

Can be customized to help you enhance your putting. One of a kind and unique golf putters. 

Unique Features of Holden Putters

What is special about laminated Densified Wood Technology(DWT)


 Laminated densified wood consists of wood veneers, which are joined together with thermosetting synthetic resins under pressure and heat which gives it unique properties. 

Only wood veneers from highest quality are used in the design of Densified Wood Laminates used in Holden Putters. The peeled wood veneers used are subject to stringent quality specifications and come from sustainable forest management. Thanks to the excellent conditions in Western Europe for growing Beech within a period of around 120 years, top grades of this product from logs of suitable length felled in the right locations offer extremely good homogeneity that enables them to withstand the extremely high  stresses. Specifically this material offers continuous load-bearing fibres which results in unsurpassed mechanical strength

Due to these properties, Holden Golf Clubs utilizes Densified Wood Technology in the design of their golf clubs.

Properties of Densified Wood Technology for Golf Putters

  • withstands high mechanical loading
  • resistance to abrasion and wear
  • low coefficient of sliding friction
  • low- and high-temperature resistance

Other Properties of Densified Wood Technology

  • low thermal conductivity
  • low specific weight
  • very good oil absorption

Picking the right putter

There are 2 types of Holden Putters to help you decide which is better for your putting stroke.

Small Mallet  - KH-PB-1.0

  • This is a smaller putter head allowing the golfer to feel the ball on contact.
  • 300 g head weight

​​Large Mallet - KH-PM-1.0 

  • ​This is a larger putter head giving a larger viewing area, increased weight allowing a firm putter to ball contact. 
  • 360 g head weight


Video of Harry Gillespie Professional UK Golfer

Please visit my Twitter account to see Harry Gillespie using a Holden Putter on tour. https://twitter.com/holdengolfclubs


Price List

*regular grip (medium black widow) and double bend shaft ​**regular double bend shaft ***Extra customization charges Shaft HOSEL ADAPTORS ​NON STANDARD GRIP ​NOTE: SPECIFY ANY CHANGES OR REQUEST IN THE COMMENTS AND I WILL REPLY WITH TOTAL COST **** other colours may be available.

Contact Us or Purchase

if you are inquiring to purchase a quality Holden Putter. Please specifiy the following:

  1. Head size Small or Large
  2. Hand - L or R
  3. Shaft  - tri bend, slant or plumber neck
  4. Grip - Standard, L or XL
  5. Colour - Black, Natural, Kona or Cherry
  6. Special engraving on the bottom (name)

Holden Golf Clubs

send us an email for inquiries or to purchase a Holden Putter.


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